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The most eco-friendly manicure kit available

We've created the most eco-friendly nail kit on the market. Our nails utilize cutting-edge recycled plastic technology and 100% recycled paper packaging. Easily transform your nails at home with a fraction of the time and cost of going to the salon. Wear them for days or weeks. Reuse, reshape, or repaint them for a fully customizable look.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills by returning it to circulation through our recycled products. All plastics are vegan, but we pride ourselves on also using glue that is vegan and never tested on animals.



Each nail kit contains:

  • 24 nails in 12 sizes for a perfectly accurate fit
  • Non-toxic Re-Nails glue
  • Nail shaper/buffer


How to apply Re-Nails:

  1. Clean and shape your natural nail. For more oily nail beds or longer wear, use polish remover or rubbing alcohol to clean any excess oils from your natural nails and/or buff the surface of your nail.
  2. Choose a Re-Nail for each of your fingers by comparing them to your natural nail bed. There is a numbered size printed on the back of each nail to help you select the correct size.
  3. Cut the tip from your Re-Nails glue. Apply a small dot of glue to your natural nail, spread across the nail, and press the selected Re-Nail onto it by first lining the Re-Nail to your cuticle at an angle, then pressing down.
  4. Apply firm pressure to the nail for 30 seconds. Shape, paint, or customize the Re-Nail if desired.
  5. For longer wear, apply glue to both your natural nail and the Re-nail when applying. For shorter wear, apply a smaller amount of glue close to the cuticle.


How to remove Re-Nails:

  1. Soak your nails in hot water to soften your natural nails and the glue. Adding some gentle soap to the water may speed this process.
  2. Gently lift the Re-Nail off your natural nail, alternating sides. Do not force it. If the Re-Nail is not removed easily, soak it for a few more minutes to soften up the glue a little more.
  3. Re-Nails may be difficult to remove if they are being removed prematurely or over gluing occurred during the application. Wait at least 4 days before attempting to remove them unless the "shorter wear" directions were followed using less glue.
  4. Store your Re-Nails and re-use them later!


Will Re-Nails damage my natural nail?

No! Our nails will not damage your natural nail as long as they are removed properly. Never force or yank them during removal. Wait at least 4 days before attempting to remove them unless the "shorter wear" directions were followed using less glue.


Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes! All our products are vegan and cruelty-free.


What are the ingredients of your glue?

Our glue is made from 100% acrylic resin. It is completely non-toxic and does not contain formaldehyde or other chemical additives.


Where can I find you on social media?

https://www.instagram.com/ReNailsUSA https://www.facebook.com/ReNailsUSA 


Do you have offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Visit our wholesale page to apply.


Do you have a referral program?

Yes! You can apply here.